Eagle & Pin-up Print coming soon!

We’re very proud to release a new print to the Copperhead Editions store.

It’s based on a classic tattoo flash design, re-imagined through numerous tattooers’ eyes over the decades, and this was my spin on it. It will be available to purchase directly from the Frith Street booth at the London Tattoo Convention this weekend and online later in October.

It’s printed on gorgeous 350gsm, 100% cotton fine art archival paper to feel just like the original. It has a lovely watercolour paper texture and the colours are a warm deep tone.

UPDATE: Now available!

[bra_button text=’CLICK TO PURCHASE’ url=’http://store.copperheadeditions.com/product/eagle-pin-up-print’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’orange’]

Jenni Fagan’s Panopticon Cover sneak peek

I’ve been a busy bee lately, painting and working away on commissions.

This is the latest one I can show you a teaser of. Jenni Fagan’s debut novel, The Panopticon is having a german book release and I was asked to illustrate the dust cover for it. You can read a wee review of it over HERE if you’re interested.

I can only show you a little section but I’m very excited for it to finally be released and show it off, I’m very proud of it so far.

Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of this year when it will be available to purchase (if you can read german, or simply love collecting books all the same).

New Copperhead stickers!

We’re very happy to have finally received the first batch of Copperhead Editions stickers!

They are weather resistant vinyl in black and metallic gold. Lush! I’m looking to send some as freebies where possible in new orders placed today onwards, and if you are at the London Tattoo Convention this year you can pick one up from us at the Frith Street booth.

If there’s a thing that we will never grow out of is putting stickers on our folders and stationery. We will definitely be coming up with more designs in the future.

‘Chop of Ages’ by Jordan Teear

Jordan is a beloved friend and co-worker at Frith Street tattoo (you can check his work tattoo HERE). I’ve always enjoyed his tattoos and recently he’s been creating a lot of artwork outside of tattooing, he’s working from traditional classic designs but having fun with them.

He asked us to make 20 high quality prints of his latest pen drawing, Chop of Ages. We used luxurious 350gsm textured paper to bring it to life and I’m pretty stoked even if I do say so myself!

We won’t be stocking these at the moment but if you’re a good friend of Jordan’s, you probably have one of these babies in your very exclusive collection!

Webstore Photoshoot

Stewart and I took some new photos for the web store. We took the usual straight ‘what you see is what you get’ stuff but we also wanted to really show the paper and print quality and played with the lighting to really get some good close ups. Notice the tooth of the paper (‘tooth’ is the grain or the texture of the paper) on some of the close ups.

Hopefully it’ll show off how nice they look in real life. Remember, they are all prints, not the originals!