NTSC DVDs now available!

Finally, I’ve converted Part One of On The Shoulders of Giants to NTSC format so that North American, Canadian, Japanese &  South American viewers can watch the DVD on their TVs.

If you’re unsure what all the NTSC/PAL fuss is about, check this simple reference chart.


It’s now available to buy on the Copperhead Editions web store

“Almost two years in the making, FST: On the Shoulders of Giants is Stewart Robson’s intimate portrait of life in a modern, highly respected, world-renowned tattoo shop.
Spread across four parts, Stewart interviews resident tattooers, guest artists, customers, and staff to offer a glimpse into what makes Frith Street Tattoo tick. With no candy-coating, the FST crew shares their views on tattoos, the people who do them, the people who get them, and the world of tattooing in general.

Entirely self-produced, directed, and edited, this film stands as an honest portrayal of Frith Street Tattoo in 2012 and 2013.”


•  The main feature, ‘Part One: A Film for All and None’, is 45mins
•  The DVD contains over 25 minutes of bonus features unavailable anywhere else:
–  Out-takes of Part One
–  Valerie tattoos Stewart using an old acetate stencil
–  ‘The Sorrows of Nicholas Hindle’ – Nick gets his palms tattooed
–  Time-lapse footage of the shop
–  London tattoo convention 2012 – the whole convention compressed into a couple of minutes

L M Knight sets now available through our online store!

We love Lee’s work here at Copperhead Editions and we are very proud to announce that from now on, 2 of his most recent sets will be available to purchase through our online store!

You can find Lee working at Romford’s number one tattoo studio, Cult Classic and also working at Frith Street tattoo in the heart of London’s soho. His tattoo flash is most certainly based on vintage traditional designs but is re-imagined through his eyes with a dash of genuine psychedelia.

Personally I think his stuff is some of the most unique being put out there in the UK right now and I’m very happy to be allowed to pour over the originals and turn them into small parcels of awesomeness for you to enjoy.

Sarah and Frank Carter’s tattoo flash

The Carters are a couple of my favourite tattooers, and when they asked us to print some sets of their flash in time for the London tattoo convention I jumped at the chance!

I got to really pour over all 12 sheets of immaculate tattoo flash and take in the designs. Every sheet is full of great designs, crying out to be tattooed. My favourite thing is the fact that both sets are like mirror images of each other, they compliment each other, colourful and monochrome, catering to all tastes within the traditional spectrum.

This is just a peek at the bagged sets, details to follow on how to get your hands on them.

Printed on luxurious thick paper (192gsm) 29.7cm x 36cm


Jenni Fagan’s Panopticon Cover sneak peek

I’ve been a busy bee lately, painting and working away on commissions.

This is the latest one I can show you a teaser of. Jenni Fagan’s debut novel, The Panopticon is having a german book release and I was asked to illustrate the dust cover for it. You can read a wee review of it over HERE if you’re interested.

I can only show you a little section but I’m very excited for it to finally be released and show it off, I’m very proud of it so far.

Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of this year when it will be available to purchase (if you can read german, or simply love collecting books all the same).